What is a “hotspot”:

A “hotspot” is a location offering local public wireless internet connectivity.

What is Wi-Fi ? :

Wi-Fi, or wireless Fidelity, is freedom. It allows you to connect to the internet without wires. Similar to a cordless phone, Wi-Fi enabled computers send and receive data indoor and out anywhere within a range of a base station.

How does it work ?:

To connect to the internet wirelessly, the consumer will use Wi-Fi compatible wireless enabled laptop at a Spotngo hotspot location. Once within a hot spot reach turn on your laptop and follow the connections instructions. Once connected please login at the Spotngo Hotspot portal using a prepaid cards sold on the premises or sign up for service plan at www.spotngo.ca .

Once logged in enjoying surfing the internet and when finished don’t forget to log out.

Required equipment:

In order to connect to the Spotngo hotspot you will need the following:

A portable computing device (i.e. laptop or some PDA’s)

A “Wi-Fi” compatible network card, many new laptops have these feature built in. Otherwise these cards can be purchased at many major retailers.

The Spotngo service plan or a prepaid day access card. The prepaid access cards is available at Spotngo hotspot locations and service plans are available through www.spotngo.ca

Use of existing equipment:

If you already have a wireless network card that is a Wi-Fi compatible using the 802.11b or 802.11g standards and most are, you don’t need to purchase any equipment to enjoy Spotngo hotspot service.

Differences between Spotngo wireless internet and wireless home networks:

Although the equipment is similar, the setup and operation is quite different. A wireless home network is designed to allow connected computers to share data, files and resources such as printing, etc between connected devices. Spotngo hotspot is a public access allowing access to the network by guests wishing to join subject to Spotngo terms and conditions. Once connected certain security settings prevent users from establishing connections between local computers and sharing files and each other resources. As a result operating a public hotspot requires special set up.

Is my information secure?

Yes. Spotngo respects your right for privacy and use ssl secure connection for exchanging any private information. (The same security used by banks and financial institutions.) The security measure encrypts your login and payment data while connected to our secure server.

You can verify the safety of the data by checking for the “lock” symbol on the web browser while connected to a secure server. The “lock” assures you that the data is encrypted and the web site is who they claimed they are.

While we’re doing everything we can from our end to ensure your data is safe, following are common sense good habits to follow when securing any information across any network connections:

Using easy to remember hard to guess passwords and changing them regularly and make sure nobody sees you entering the information.

Avoid sharing files of folders in your computer settings.

Use antivirus software and firewall software when connecting to the internet by any means at any time.

Avoid using shared computers for sensitive information as previous users might have installed software copying your keystrokes.

Connection manager:

Connection manager is a software application which works with your wireless card to scan and connect to wireless- signals. Connection manager should be installed when installing and configuring wireless cards for the first time.

Today most wireless cards come with a connection manager. When turning on your computer some of the more advanced connection managers will inform you of available wireless network and will prompt you to select one.

In the windows XP and Mac OS (newer operating systems) a connection manager is built in and will work with most wireless- cards simplifying the connection to any wireless network.



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