Wireless LAN Cards

1. Do you have a wireless LAN card for your computer?

In order to surf the Web wirelessly with Spotngo, you need a wireless LAN card for your computer. Many laptops now have wireless LANs preinstalled, so check with your Information Technology (IT) department or your computer manufacturer to learn if your computer has one built in. Notebook PCs from Dell, Compaq, IBM, and Apple are now shipped with pre-installed cards. Spotngo uses 802.11b or 802.11g standards. If one is not installed many retailers carry these wireless cards with price ranges from $19.99 to $99 and up.

2. Are the drivers installed on your computer for your wireless LAN card?

Once you have a wireless LAN card for your computer, you will need to make sure that you have installed the driver software for your computer properly according to the card manufacturer detailed instructions.

3. Is your wireless LAN card inserted into your computer correctly?

If you have a wireless LAN card and have installed the drivers, make sure that the wireless LAN card is fully inserted correctly into your computer. Sometimes they are not inserted all the way into the PC card slot.

4. Are the network settings configured properly for your wireless LAN card?

Before using the Spotngo service, you will need to configure your network card settings. We provide simple to follow instructions.

Difficulties with Spotngo Service

1. Are you in a location that provides the Spotngo service? Additional information about our locations can be found at the locations section of our website.

2. Is your computer in an area within the Spotngo location that is able to receive a good wireless signal, or have you lost your connection during a Spotngo session? And the service is operational at this time?

You can check in your connection manager for the signal strength to verify you are getting a signal.

3. Did you launch your Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer browser?

To log on to the Spotngo service, you need to launch your Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser first. Double-click your Netscape or Internet Explorer icon to open the browser.

4. Did the Spotngo login page appear in your browser?

Once you have launched your browser, you would be instructed to login at Spotngo login page. This is where you can log in if you already have a Spotngo membership, or you can purchase a prepaid card. As well you can sign up for a Spotngo membership.

5. Are you a Spotngo member?

You must be a registered Spotngo member to use the service in a Spotngo hotspot location or purchase a prepaid card. For more information about our membership plans and how to sign up, please visit our services section in Spotngo’s website

6. Did you log off and attempt to login again?

If accidentally you closed the logout window, try typing logout at the address bar.

If you are unable to log back on to the Spotngo service, try closing your browser completely and reopening it. If that doesn't work, try restarting your computer.

7. Did your battery expire during your session?

If you lose all power to your computer, it is possible that your battery has died or that your electrical cord has become unplugged.

Unfortunately, there are times when the Spotngo service is down at a particular location or across the network. Please be patient. We have our technical team and customer support staff making sure that the Spotngo service is up at all times. For more information, please contact us at support@spotngo.ca .

Email and Other Features

1. Are you trying to use an Online Service, such as instant Messenger, Skype, America Online, CompuServe, or MSN?

To use other online services while you are on the Spotngo network you will need to first use Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator to login to the Spotngo network. If you normally dial-up with a modem to connect to the Internet, you also need to change your connection method to LAN or TCP/IP connection or add a new internet connection to your settings to connect to the wireless network.

Are you trying to use a desktop application, such as Outlook, to access your personal email from your Internet Service Provider?

While on the Spotngo network you should be able to retrieve your email without any changes to your system. Your ability to send email depends on your internet service provider (ISP). Most ISPs do not allow you to send mail through their mail servers if you are not connected directly to them (dialed up and logged in). Be sure to launch your browser (either Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) to log into the Spotngo hotspot before launching the email program. If you have a web-based email account, such as Hotmail or Yahoo!, you will be able to access them without any problems. Further some ISPs provide web based mail accounts to access your mail while not connected directly through them.

3. Are you trying to access your corporate email, such as an Exchange server, using a desktop application, such as Outlook?

Most companies do not allow employees to access their email from outside of their internal network unless they are connected to the company directly using VPN or a dial-up provided by the company. Check with your IT department to see what it’s policy is and what settings to use. If your company offers webmail for traveling employees, you will be able to use that without any changes to your system. Be sure to launch your browser (either Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) to log into the Spotngo network prior to launching the email program.


Trouble Shooting