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Aradial is a top performance full-featured RADIUS AAA server for Radius billing software integration solutions as well as stand a lone solution. Boasting excellent performance and technological superiority, Aradial is the unquestioned market leader in its class.

Aradial radius server provides Tier 1 scalability. Built on real-time infrastructure, Multithreading and multiprocessor along with accounting monthly partitioning, Aradial can support millions of subscribers in low latency.

Due to the fact that Aradial radius server has excellent performance low cost hardware is needed for it operations.

High Availability and Reliability
Aradial provides Tier 1 reliability and high availability 99.999%.
Using Clustering and Database replication (RAC), Aradial achieves the goal of 99.999% High Availability.

100% Web based administration
Aradial has a 100% Web interface used with its internal Web Server or ISAP or NSAPI. The administrators can access the server using a secure connection access from anywhere in the world. The Web interface supports:

  • RADIUS Configurations 
  • User management and user group management
  • Statistics
  • Users Usage queries
  • Active session administration

Aradial Radius is geared towards growth allowing operators to run and control multiple service platforms through a centralized radius server. 
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ISP Radius/AAA and VOIP Radius/AAA, include some of the most innovative features available in the market today. It is easy to use, scalable and features a plug-in architecture providing support for almost any new functionality or network element.

Aradial's 100% web-based interface ensures easy connectivity from anywhere.
Coupled with a state server that allows you to know exactly what is happening in the network, in real time.

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Aradial Radius/AAA Hotspot Edition, A special Hotspots/WISP version of our market-leading RADIUS AAA server , that lets hotspot providers easily and profitably offer wireless Internet access to customers. Aradial supports most of the access servers and access controllers and has configurable portal for UAM solutions and self care for users.

Aradial has special features for Hotspots providers:
1. Configurable Portal for user access, showing the providers logos and links.
2. Web Self Care module to enable users self account administration.

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Aradial Mobile is an adaptation of the Aradial product to the Mobile world. supporting: GPRS Data, GPRS Content, Push to Talk, Internet Surfing and Mobile VOIP.