Spotngo Hotspot Kit are sold at a promotional rate of $199 to get new locations started and will include the following:

 50 Scratch cards:       o 35 x 1 hour cards

  •     o 10 x 1 day cards
  • o 5 x 1 month cards

    1 x Window sticker for store front placement.

    10 x 6x4 plastic table tents for placements of marketing material.

    100 x connection brochures to help customers connect for the first time.

    Set up of Spotngo customized access point near a power outlet and internet service connection. Typical setup is two hours scheduled at your convenience.

    Spotngo location’s agreement will include the use of 1 Spotngo   customized access point gateway for the term of the service. Please visit Location Inquiries for additional details.

    Spotngo’s service is designed for hotels, restaurants, cafes and other public venues wishing to offer wireless internet service to their customers


    Hotspot Kit