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Spotngo Hotspot Prepaid Billing Software

Using Aradial Radius server a top performance full-featured RADIUS AAA server for Radius billing software integration solutions as well as stand a lone solution, Spotngo has built a full prepaid billing software.

Aradial Radius for Hotspot Software

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Aradial Radius/AAA Hotspot Edition, A special Hotspots/WISP version of our market-leading RADIUS AAA server , that lets hotspot providers easily and profitably offer wireless Internet access to customers. Aradial supports most of the access servers and access controllers and has configurable portal for UAM solutions and self care for users.

Aradial has special features for Hotspots providers:
1. Configurable Portal for user access, showing the providers logos and links.
2. Web Self Care module to enable users self account administration.

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Spotngo Prepaid and Payment (Credit Card) Hotspot Software

A complete integrated solution with the ability for growth. The Spotngo Payment Module solution incorporates external Aradal Radius server (not embeded as other solutions) and one Access Point / Gateway capable of allowing the vendor to maintain as much control as desired over the usage of the hotspot.

Spotngo Payment Module features are:
  • External Access Point / Gateway bought from 3'rd party.
  • Commercial Radius server software with time and traffic enforcement.
  • Access restrictions based on time and day.
  • Simple generation of users/cards accounts.
  • Configurable login page portal.
  • Credit Card payment and pricing plans.
  • Portal redirection (UAM) with: Linksys, Chillispot, Colubris, Nomadix, Proxim, Terabeam, ValuePoint, Planet, Mikrotik, Monowall and more.
  • The Ability to brand and advertise your products.
  • User Sign-up by Credit Card or prepaid cards.
  • Payment using purchased prepaid cards.
  • User self can module.
  • Usage reports and statistics.
  • Remote management of radius server and access point gateway.
  • Extra users can be purchased as the hotspot grow.
  • Additional Access Point / Gateway can be added at anytime.
  • Users Management in a database.
  • Low cost: 2500 USD for unlimited prepaid cards.

Spotngo Hotspot in a Box

A special package that includes Aradial Radius Server
and Access gateway (Mikrotik) Low cost: starting from 1450 USD.

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