Turning your location into a Spotngo WiFi hotspot is simple and inexpensive.

For as little as $199.00 to start and $20.00 per month you too can offer WiFi  access to your customers

The costs associated with the service are as follows:

The location will provide a business high speed broadband internet service such as cable or DSL. Current market price is $59.95 per month – Spotngo can suggest an internet service provider.

The network charge by Spotngo is $20 per month and will include a customized wireless access point, one Spotngo unlimited membership and listings in online WiFi directories.

Spotngo Hotspot Kit is $199 and will include installation, configuration, set up of access point, Prepaid scratch card Spotngo hotspot here windows sticker, table tents, brochures and an introductory complementary customer access to Spotngo network for a limited time. Please see Hotspot Kit for additional information

Prepaid cards will be purchased from Spotngo.



Location's Cost