Looking for connectivity packages to help your employees stay productive while out of the office, the Spotngo Corporate plan allows you access to the internet while visiting any of the Spotngo Hotspot locations. These packages will help your team increase productivity and efficiency while out of the office by allowing them to gather messages, place orders, or do on location everything you can do at your desk.

Traveling professionals can now meet clients at a local restaurant or café. stay connected to their networks and be productive while waiting for the clients or using the network during the meetings. Ever found yourself in a situation where only if you had the updated files with you, that sale presentation you didn’t think you needed or just a connection to the internet to show the customer that new web site or last quarter sale’s stats.

Spotngo was designed to affordably help mobile professionals get unwired from their offices and get back to taking care of their clients.

Corporate Plans









Spotngo can help in customizing a plan suitable for your organization. Please contact sales at sales@spotngo.ca