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Spotngo is a network and hotspot software provider of wireless hotspots, offering freedom and flexibility to connect to the internet at hotspot locations near you. Our goal is to provide our customers with an affordable and convenient internet access.               A Spotngo wireless network requires no strings or wires attached, simply open your internet browser on a WiFi enabled computer at a Spotngo location and enjoy high speed wireless internet.
Spotngo now offers integrated LTE Core from Neragon.

Spotngo offers flexible service plans from prepaid scratch cards available at Spotngo locations, day access plans to monthly memberships.

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The Spotngo Hotspot Billing Software solutions incorporates external centralized Radius Server and Sptongo Prepaid module
(not embeded as other solutions) and Access Points / Gateways capable of allowing the vendor to maintain as much control
as desired over the usage of the hotspot.
Spotngo also partnered with NERAGON Integrated LTE core.
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Spotngo Payment Module
radius server Powered by Spotngo and Aradial Hotspot Software
Integrated LTE core Powered by Spotngo and Nergon Integrated LTE core